COVID-19 and Dentistry

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For sure one thing will be different after this pandemic is over, the world will not be the same! As days go by and Covid-19 increase its number of contagious people, the dental world will have new regulations and procedures.

The way patients are received and greet will change. A new questionnaire will demand information about recent fever events, coughing and proximity to Covid-19 positive individuals. Before sitting into the dental chair patients will disinfect their hands, probably will walk using shoe covers to prevent transporting the virus inside any healthcare facility.  With the currently shortage across the nation and the world about personal protective equipment practitioners will struggle maintaining virus free facilities.

At this time only emergencies can be seen at any dental facility. Infection and pain are certainly the first line for emergencies. A phone call or video call, now teledentistry, might save you for coming into a dental office and probably an electronic prescription can be filled in your name.

Let’s hope all those provisional restorations or temporary restorations were properly fabricated to avoid pain and discomfort and a dental visit to addressed them. All those all on four, all on X, fixed implant restorations are now healing appropriately and ready for final restoration or prosthesis once the pandemic is over and safe to move around.

So much confusion and fake news around this corona virus disease or novel coronavirus. Many trusted websites have scientific real information about this upper respiratory tract illness.

If you are having a dental emergency, please contact Dr. Hervas at Implantation Dental Center. He will assist you in identifying the cause of your dental problem and recommend a treatment to alleviate your discomfort. Call us at 954-476-0770 or fill out a contact form on our website at

We are ready to help at this difficult time that all of us are trapped.

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