Covid-19 stimulus package and Dentistry

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U.S economy will receive a 2 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package to help soften the Covid-19 pandemic called Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and economic security (CARES) act. With so much time in our hands, I wanted to check how many zeros a trillion has. It has 12 zeros and a billion has 9 zeros. With so much surprise, I learned in a British and South America systems, a trillion has 18 zeros. In different words, a billon in English has 9 zeros and in Spanish has 12 zeros. Researching more, happens that the American English use a short scale stablished in 1950 vs. the long scale in other countries. Regardless of the number of zeros it is a huge amount of money coming to mitigate the loss of income of so many citizens.

The pandemic of Covid-19 has created an economic impact that at the moment is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Without hesitation we are going to be fine, it is just matter of time and patience. We are all seeing shortage of medical protective equipment gowns, mask, gloves, ventilators and medicine. Vaccine still on the months ahead to come.

Dentistry shares the same shortage and maybe even more the unavailability of protective gear. Limited N95 or level 3 masks have disappeared in the market. We work in an environment (upper respiratory track) that contains the most amount of hypothetical infectious microorganisms. The oral cavity is highly contaminated through saliva and blood.

Our minds have adjusted to this quarantine, we are exercising more, and our team has had the chance to review treatment plans, patient CT Scans, digital files, photos, laboratory workflows for simple treatment and complex cases. Veneers, dental implant techniques and protocols, all on four and full mouth rehabilitation. We are studying and catching up with scientific literature for the most predictable outcomes.

We continue to call our patients, provide support and verify there is no need for emergency. Ensuring there is no pain or discomfort.

Dental Emergencies

As only dental emergencies can be seeing these days, we wanted to emphasize if you are having one please contact Dr. Hervas at Implantation Dental Center. He will assist you in identifying the cause of your dental problem and recommend a treatment to alleviate your discomfort. Call us at 954-476-0770 or fill out a contact form on our website at

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