The Ideal Morning Mouth Routine

When it comes to caring for your oral health, your morning mouth routine is essential for keeping both your gums and teeth healthy. Although you may not eat or drink anything as you sleep, the bacteria that is present in the mouth can reproduce and causes morning breath to develop. If you want to improve [Read More...]
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Quench Your Thirst: Water and Gum Health

Maintaining your gum health by flossing and brushing each day is crucial to prevent inflammation and eliminate bacteria that is present. Many people don’t realize that the type of water that they consume can also influence the health of the gums, making it necessary to give more thought to what you’re drinking. There are a [Read More...]
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Natural Contouring: Socket Preservation and Ridge Augmentation

Socket preservation and Ridge augmentation are known as a dental procedures that are performed after a tooth extraction. Ridge augmentations are performed to recreate the contour of the bone and gum allowing them to look natural. The alveolar ridges are rebuilt with different types of tissue. The benefits of socket preservation and ridge augmentation include [Read More...]
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Comparing Dental Implants and Dentures, plus the pros and cons

If you have lost a tooth and are in Plantation, Florida, Implantation Dental Center, our expert team of dental professionals is here to help. If left untreated, a missing tooth can cause the surrounding teeth to shift and/or the bone under the gums to become weak and loosen other teeth. Here are the differences between [Read More...]
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10 Things You Can Do Every Day For Better Oral Care

It is essential that we understand the importance of proper oral care and dental hygiene. Establishing good habits that promote a healthy mouth and gums is paramount to our overall health. We all know about brushing and flossing, but there are so many additional factors to be mindful of daily that can compromise our dental [Read More...]
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Dental fillings: porcelain, amalgam or composite resin?

Dental fillings are a great way to restore function to a damaged or decayed tooth. Dentists have several options for the type of filling material to use on patient’s teeth. Here are some of the pros and cons of three common filling materials. Amalgam Amalgam fillings, invented in the early 1800s with mercury, were popular [Read More...]
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Strategies for Overcoming Your Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a discomforting fear that affects many patients. In some cases, it can even prevent patients from making an appointment with their dentist. An estimated 15 percent of patients suffer from some form of anxiety associated with a dental visit. This fear may arise from a traumatic experience in the past, believing a [Read More...]
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I’ve Lost A Tooth as an Adult. Now What?

Losing a tooth as an adult can be a traumatic experience. Not only is the tooth fairy no longer coming to visit us, but also we do not have the reassurance of knowing that a new tooth will grow back in the missing tooth’s place. If you have lost a tooth as an adult, it’s [Read More...]
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An Explanation of TMJ

TMJ is an acronym used to explain a generalized temporomandibular joint disorder. Essentially, this is a condition that causes problems within the hinge between the upper and lower jaw. Problems found within the jaw hinge itself, the attached muscular structure, connective tissue, and the surrounding bones are grouped together as symptoms of TMJ. When a [Read More...]
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Gum Disease Turns Into Periodontal Disease – Here’s How to Prevent It

While taking care of our teeth is of utmost importance, it’s also important to recognize the role that the gums play in maintaining a brilliant smile. The gums serve as a barrier of soft tissue in which the roots of the teeth are embedded. The gums are also closely fused to underlying bone in order [Read More...]
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