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The talented team at Implantation Dental Center provides a full range of advanced prosthodontics and periodontal services, including state of the art dental implant placement, single implant crown, implant supported denture and/or bone and soft tissue regeneration.

Dr. Mauricio Hervas, a Prosthodontist, has received specialized education and training in order to treat the most complex of dental implant and oral surgery cases. People from all over the globe travel to Plantation, Fl to see Dr. Hervas.

At Implantation Dental Center we create long-term relationships with our patients, in order to achieve our state of the art goals with precise and strategic treatment modalities.

A Technological Advantage

Implantation Dental Center uses cutting edge technology to virtually plan your surgery before any procedures begin, making implant placement easier and more accurate, which means increased comfort and improved results for you. We are at the forefront in new standards and protocols Our CT scanner produces high quality tri-dimensional digital images. This sophisticated technology allows us to analyze bone quantity for exceptionally precise implant placement results. It allows you to take part in the treatment planning process to ensure your comfort and peace of mind.

Smile with Confidence

Everyone deserves a great smile and our friendly bilingual staff can help you with flexible care credit payments and interest-free financing options. We’ll also be happy to help with your insurance claim.

A referral is the highest compliment that patients or colleagues can give us. We enjoy meeting your family and friends and look forward to providing your dental needs. From Dr. Hervas and associates at Implantation Dental Center, thank you for rewarding our passion with your praise.


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The Opioid Epidemic Has an Impact on Dental Industry

The opioid crisis has affected the dental industry, just as it has other medical professions. This growing, dangerous addiction to pain-pills is widespread throughout the country. The problem isn’t limited to the patients receiving the prescription. Patients have to worry about their family members, especially teenagers, taking their pain killers and becoming addicted or engaging [Read More…]

What is a dental lab and why is it important to our practice?

Dental labs are instrumental to a good, progressive dental practice. They are used to manufacture or customize a variety of products such as crowns, dentures, bridges, and other important dental products. Prosthodontists prefer to have their own dental labs in order to make sure their patients receive the best fitting and highest quality products. Dental [Read More…]

What are tonsil stones and how are they removed?

Pain in any part of your mouth is cause for concern. Typically, you’re hyper-aware of tooth pain and maybe jaw pain and if you feel that, you will seek help from your dentist or another dental professional, but what about the back of your throat? If you feel pain or inflammation in the back of [Read More…]

New Discovery May Allow Dentists to Regenerate the Roots of a Tooth

As a child, losing a tooth is not a big deal. In fact, the teeth that are present early in our lives are meant to fall out, so they can be replaced with permanent, adult teeth. This regrowth process is natural, but once those permanent teeth grow in, there’s no way to replace them naturally [Read More…]

Exercising After Dental Implant Surgery

Some of our patients are very active, they love working out and spending a lot of time exercising. We completely understand, however, it is recommended to keep physical activities to a minimum of 1 week following the dental surgery specially if multiple implants were performed. This length of time depends upon your procedure and how [Read More…]

Bone Grafting After Tooth Removal

Tooth extraction is a very common procedure in the United States. In fact, nearly 50% of adults between the ages of 20 and 64 have had at least one tooth extracted. Following tooth extraction a patient may have a dental implant or dental bridge placed so they can retain function of that portion of their [Read More…]


, Home, Implantation Dental Center

Mauricio Hervas, D.D.S., M. S., F.A.C.P

Diplomate, American College of Prosthodontics

Diplomate American Board of Oral Implantology / Implant Dentistry

Diplomate, ICOI International Congress of Oral Implantologists

Former Director Implant Pre-doctoral Program NSU

Adjunct Professor Department of Prosthodontics

Nova Southeastern University, College of Dental Medicine


, Home, Implantation Dental Center
, Home, Implantation Dental Center
, Home, Implantation Dental Center