missing teeth linked to hip fracture

Is Your Chronic Illness Causing Dental Issues?

If you have a chronic illness, you likely have many uncomfortable symptoms that impact your life on a day-to-day basis. While you’re aware of all of these, did you know that your dental issues could be caused by your chronic illness, as well?   The connection between oral health and the rest of the body [Read More...]
By Dr. Mauricio Hervas | June 19, 2019 | Comments: 0 | Dental Health | Wellness

New Advanced Dental Procedures Require Certifications

As the dental field advances, new, more advanced procedures are being developed. These procedures provide new ways to treat conditions, but many of them are high-risk. This poses a problem for the dental field. While new procedures can change the field entirely, a few key questions arise. Who should be allowed to perform the procedures? [Read More...]
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Is Whitening Your Teeth Really Safe?

Do you wish your teeth were whiter? If so, you’re not alone. The teeth whitening industry was worth $3.2 billion dollars in 2017. You can whiten your teeth with at home bleaching strips or at your dentist. Either way, you’re likely to be left with a much whiter smile that you’ll want to show off. [Read More...]
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Smiling Can Improve Your Overall Health

It’s no secret that smiling makes you happier, but how does it affect your overall well-being? Smiling releases chemicals, endorphins, that not only make you feel happier but also improve your health. The effect of the endorphins is similar to exercise. It boosts your mood, gives you more energy, and makes you happier. Smiling also [Read More...]
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Oral Health is Connected to Your Immune System

What are your teeth trying to tell you? Your oral health can be indicative of issues affecting other parts of your body. Bacteria is most commonly found in your mouth. A healthy immune system will dispel the bacteria found in your mouth preventing it from causing other issues. So while it’s important to maintain good [Read More...]
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6 Common Causes of Tooth Pain

Any kind of tooth pain can be alarming and uncomfortable. Going to the dentist is not something that most people enjoy, but it can be challenging for them to find the source of pain themselves. Tooth pain can mean different things. It’s best to go to the dentist and have the problem addressed before it [Read More...]
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Digital Dentistry is Making Visits to Your Prosthodontist Faster and More Effective

Technology is everywhere. Advancements in technology from machine learning to artificial intelligence to big data are everywhere. Changing technology affects all industries making work, shopping, and even healthcare more easier. From smart watches that monitor your heart rate and remind you to breathe, to devices that can read off your grocery list and order pizza, [Read More...]
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Study Shows Working Out Prevents Periodontal Disease

The importance of regular exercise is no secret. In fact, you would be hard pressed to go a day without seeing a commercial on tv, an advertisement online, or even an email in your inbox, that doesn’t encourage working out. There are endless benefits to going to the gym regularly. You can lose weight, gain [Read More...]
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New Study Shows There’s a ‘Right’ Order to Brush and Floss Your Teeth In

It’s no secret that maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial to overall well being. The importance of both brushing with fluoride toothpaste and flossing your teeth has been ingrained in your brain by dentists and advertisements for toothpastes for your entire life. There are hundreds of products on the market from mechanical toothbrushes, to whitening [Read More...]
By Dr. Mauricio Hervas | April 22, 2019 | Comments: 2 | Dental Health | Wellness

Recent Study Shows Correlation Between Missing Teeth and Hip Fractures

It’s only natural that the state of the human body declines with old age, but there are certain physical signs that indicate a breakdown of other parts of the body. Interestingly enough, one of these is tooth loss. Studies linking tooth loss to physical ailments are not new. In 2012, researchers found that loss of [Read More...]
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