implant bridge crown

Plantation, Florida Dental Implant Specialist Dr. Mauricio Hervas

When you’ve lost multiple teeth, it’s very important to restore your smile. While a single tooth might be a minor inconvenience or a cosmetic concern, the loss of multiple teeth can change the structure of your jaw, making routine tasks like eating, drinking, or speaking a challenge.

With conventional bridges, the bridge was attached to the surrounding teeth. While this helps to preserve tooth spacing, it has the disadvantage of allowing bone loss to progress. Over time, the bones beneath the supporting teeth can shrink away, causing further tooth loss.

When we install an implant bridge crown, we help to preserve the bone beneath the gap. A dental implant is attached to the jawbone. This biocompatible titanium implant is installed during an outpatient surgical procedure while the patient is comfortably sedated. For an implant bridge crown, it may be necessary to install multiple implants at different support points.

Over the next six to nine months, the bone around the implant heals and fuses to the implant, holding in the implant like it was a natural tooth root. Once this is fully healed, the dentist takes an impression of the space and sends it to a dental lab.

The lab will use the impression to create a bridge that’s custom-fitted to the patient. The teeth will look and feel like normal teeth, which helps to preserve the function and appearance of the smile. The dentist will attach the bridge to the dental implants using a high-quality permanent dental adhesive.

The most challenging part of the procedure is installing the dental implants. It requires a skilled and experienced dentist to get the dental implants correctly seated in the jaw and to protect the patient as the implant heals, and we have the best implant dentist in South Florida available in our Plantation dental office. Call us for a consultation today!

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