Denture Implant


If you’ve lost one tooth, you can get a single crown implant. If you’ve lost a few teeth, you can get an implant-supported bridge. But if you lose an entire jaw, you’re probably stuck with dentures, right?

Not anymore! Our dental office in Plantation offers denture implants as a better alternative to traditional dentures.

Traditional dentures tend to work beautifully in the beginning. They’re custom fit to your mouth and they’re comfortable and functional. But over time, the bone that used to support the teeth shrinks away. This causes cosmetic problems, like the shrunken or “sunken in” cheeks, but it also causes functional problems.

When the denture stops fitting right, patients will often use adhesives, which carry a long list of side effects. A poorly fitting denture also causes pain and shifting of the denture, making it hard to eat, drink, or speak well.

The first step in getting a denture implant is the initial consultation. Your dentist will design a treatment plan to help you get your denture implants correctly installed. It’s important to choose the best implant dentist in South Florida so that you can make sure to get a good implant.

After your consultation, the dentist will install titanium implants into your jawbone. This is usually done in the office in an outpatient procedure, but you’ll be comfortably sedated for the process. For denture implants, you may have two to four implants installed in each jaw.

The bone will need about six to nine months to heal completely, but once it’s healed, your dentist will take impressions of your mouth and send those to a dental lab. The lab will create a denture that fits perfectly.

Denture implants come in two separate varieties. The first is permanently affixed to the dental implants with a permanent adhesive. These denture implants are secure and permanent. The second type will “snap” onto the dental implants. These denture implants are removable and can be changed out over time, but they are held securely into the mouth by the implants.

Denture implants allow some measure of pressure to be applied to the jawbone, which helps to preserve the jawbone. This allows you to look and feel more natural, but it also helps your denture to fit properly for longer before you’ll need it adjusted.