Implant Supported Dentures

An implant supported denture is a removable denture that’s held into position by denture implants. The denture implants help to protect the jawbone and keep the denture from sliding or moving inside the mouth.

Traditional dentures often start off fitting perfectly. They’re comfortable, they look natural, and they’re easy to take care of. Unfortunately, as time passes, dentures stop fitting as well. The traditional solution to this is to use creams and adhesives, which don’t always taste great and don’t always work well. With an implant supported denture, you can have the easy care of a removable denture while still having the great fit of a permanent implant denture.

After you call our Plantation dental office for an initial consultation, your dentist will establish a customized treatment plan for you. The first part of getting an implant supported denture is to have implants installed.

These dental implants are attached directly to the bone, and you’re likely to have about two to four implants per jaw, although your actual number of implants will be determined by your consultation and CT Scan analysis.

Over the next two to four months or so, your bone will heal around your implants. Once this is healed, impressions are taken, and we will begin to have your new denture created. The denture will fit over the dental implants by nylon inserts. When you need to take your denture off, you’ll simply lift it up and it will “snap” off the implants. When you need to put it on, you line it up and press it down until you feel it snap in place.

It’s important that the dental implants be installed correctly, so choose the best implant dentist in South Florida to have your implant supported dentures installed right.

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