Plantation, Florida Dental Implant Specialist Dr. Mauricio Hervas
According to a study conducted by Wakefield Research, more than one in three American adults are not happy with their smile. Of those unhappy adults, 36% believe that their social lives would improve if their smile was better, and there’s some truth to that. 77% of women would rather date a balding man than a man with bad teeth.
For some people, the problem is teeth that are crooked, and these issues may be sorted out by an orthodontist. But for many people, the problem is more elusive. Some people don’t really know WHY they don’t like their smile – they just don’t. But periodontists can help you build a smile that you can be proud of.
Some people believe that their teeth are too short or too long. Usually, it’s not the actual teeth that are the problem, but the gums. Gums that are receding can make teeth look too long, when in reality that can be fixed with a simple gum graft. Gums that are too big make teeth look too short, but that can be resolved with a simple crown lengthening.
Periodontists can resolve many other cosmetic issues as well. Missing teeth can be replaced with single crown dental implants, implant-supported bridges, or denture implants. The appearance of the cheek and jaw can be improved with procedures like bone grafting or ridge restoration. The health and well-being of your mouth can alter the shape of your entire face.
48% of people surveyed said that they perceived people with bad teeth to be less successful than people with good teeth, so it’s obvious that your teeth can impact your social life and your professional life. And when you have periodontal damage, the damage can change the way that your face itself looks, causing even greater problems.
Whether you’re looking to preserve your smile or to restore it to its most beautiful, a periodontist can help. We invite you to call our Plantation dental office and find out why we’ve been named the best implant dentist in South Florida