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Why are dental implants so expensive?

You may have heard your dentist referencing premium dental implants, and wondered what the difference was. The word “premium” means that during your procedure, “top of the line implants” will be used when we replace your natural dentition. Patients often ask, why the high price tag?

The Following Factors Determine Dental Implant Costs

  • The quality of titanium used to manufacture
  • Research behind that particular implant
  • The history of the implant company
  • Any product recalls
  • Quantity of studies at Universities and/or prospective studies
  • Reps in the area
  • Overall customer service of the company

Ask yourself – If you are planning to have one tooth replaced or all your teeth replaced by dental implants, wouldn’t you want the best material, the best technology and the best specialist?

This is a an investment in your smile and oral health, and you certainly don’t want to have a cheap product in your mouth. For all the years to come, you want to make an investment totally worth it. It is not only about the dental implants, it is about having a better quality of life in all aspects.

Consider this – if you were shopping for a contractor to rebuild a part of your home, would you rather spend less now, but have poor quality craftsmanship that requires repairs in a few years? Or purchase a car from a car dealership that breaks down in a year? We can apply the same metaphor with a dental implant specialist. If you look for the right prosthodontist, if his credentials and professional skills are 100% optimum, you will feel comfortable and the value will be worthwhile.

It is about your health, and you want to have something that will last for a long time, I would even say for the rest of your life. You will truly feel like these are your own, natural teeth. Regardless of expense, dental implants are the most recommended way to replace a tooth.

Nowadays, technology is very precise, as a patient I would always think on having the best thing in my mouth, I don’t want to have anything cheap in my mouth. Dental implants will have the power or the magic to change your life, they really do!

I would also like to mention that is much better to do an implant than a bridge.

At Implantation Dental Center, we have everything to make it possible… to restore your happiness with confidence! Dr. Mauricio Hervas is the only double board certified provider – in dental implants and prosthodontics. He also has the commitment of a great lab technician with the highest training. He uses the best products available. His vision is unique.

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