Dark Triangles between teeth

Black Triangles: What are the dark spaces between your teeth?

What are the dark spaces between your teeth?

Dental hygiene is vital when it comes to overall health and wellness. Dentists are able to understand what’s going on inside of your mouth based off of many factors – such as bad breath, yellowing teeth, or dark spots on your gums. There are always underlying causes for these issues, and ways for your dentist to make the necessary adjustments to resolve them.

Why do I have a dark space between my teeth?

Patients of all ages experience the issue of dark spaces between their teeth, and wonder why. The term for these spaces that is most used by dentists is “black triangles.”

Shape of the Tooth

One of the main factors behind these dark spaces between your teeth is due to the actual shape of each tooth. There are teeth that only touch at the bottom portion and not at the top near the gum line. This specific shape causes the upper section of the tooth to have a pronounced gap which causes the dark spaces. In this situation, a dentist would most likely advise the patient to undergo a procedure to fill in the spaces giving them a nicer smile.

Gum Disease

Gum disease would most definitely stand out as a reason for the dark spaces along the gum line. This is a very challenging issue for patients to self-diagnose as there are some people who are not even aware they are suffering from the disease. Patients should come in for an appointment with a periodontist – the team at Implantation Dental Center will evaluate whether bone loss is involved with the gum disease.

Forceful Brushing

Dentists also advise their patients against using too much force when it times to brushing your teeth. Careless and forceful scrubbing causes unnecessary damage to teeth and delicate gum tissue. This delicate tissue can begin to recede with the excessive brushing and is not advised by dental care professionals.

Treatment for Black Triangles

There are quite a few remedies for those of you who are suffering from these specific issues and would like to do something about it. After meeting your Dr. Hervas, you may be informed of a simple procedure called bonding. This method lays a durable material over each specific tooth to improve or renew the original tooth.

Dentists also recommend veneers for those who are looking for other options. This option works as a way to widen each tooth to reduce spaces, or as a way to cover specific trouble areas in regards to your black triangles. A thorough consultation with a professional will be able to give you a better idea of what procedure is best for you and your dental health needs.

You also have the great option of removing some of the enamel on your teeth which will make your smile suitable for the installment of braces. Your teeth are essentially flattened before braces can be applied. Dentists are also able to lower teeth to prepare for braces, and this has worked for those different from the black triangles.

Scheduling a consultation with Implantation Dental Center for professional advice and more information is certainly recommended. The first step to remedy this challenging situation is to find out the cause of your black triangles. If it’s a serious issue such as gum disease, you are going to want to seek professional care and thoroughly review your options. Everyone wants a beautiful smile and correcting your black triangles is a great way for you to start.

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