Amazing 3-D Denture Technology

Many people as they age find that tooth loss has become a part of their life. When tooth loss originally starts it can be startling and difficult to cope with. The loss of one tooth is often not as noticeable unless it is a front tooth. If a person loses more than one tooth that is not a molar, there is usually a need to consider the possibility of getting a set of partial dentures or implants.

Dentures have been a great way that people have been able to quickly and painlessly get new teeth. With dentures people can get back their smile and their ability to eat and live their lives normally quickly. While many people think that dentures have remained the same for generations, the truth is that there have been great advancements in the world of denture dentistry. One of the greatest dental shifts has been the creation of new high precision Digital 3-D Dentures.

When patients look into the varying options of dentures, the older traditional form of dentures patients are usually aware that getting a set of dentures will take more time to make, more time to be fitted properly and can be a bit expensive. But much of this has changed with newer 3-D Digital Dentures. By contrast to the older dentures, the newer 3-D denture uses printing/milling technology.
Similar to the original form of dentures, a 3-D denture appliance requires the dentist to take a dental impression. But with 3-D dentures the laser scans them. This impression is then put on a digital computer system. Because it is on a digital scan it is readily adjustable for a more precision fit which is completed in much less time than traditional denture casts. These dentures are milled from a solid block of cured resin. This makes for a very consistent form, and a stronger more durable denture appliance.
By contrast to more traditional dentures, there is very little need for second and third adjustments. The original dental procedure usually requires 5 to 6 appointments and can span 6 to 8 weeks. The newer process can be completed in just 2 appointments of 30 minutes or less in less than a month.

There are many benefits to having these types of dentures versus the more traditional dentures. Benefits of 3-D Digital Dentures include:

  • Creation and Fitting Requires Few Appointments
  • Precision Based Technology for Denture Creation Makes Them Better Fitting
  • Customized Coloring.
  • New 3-D Digital Technology makes them more precise.
  • Digital Impression Stays in Data Base For Easy Reorders
  • Modern Non- Porous Dense Material Reduces Possibility of Bacteria Build-Up
  • 3-D Resin Material Used More Stain Resistant
  • New Improved Resin Material For 3-D Is More Durable and Lasts Longer

We’re very excited about this new technology, which is very exciting and offers many benefits to both the patients and the dentist including the ease of reordering. If a pair gets broken or lost the patient can readily reorder them. Because these computerized impressions are digital, they are kept in the dental database for an indefinite period of time for any reorder needs. Visit our digital dentures page for more information, or call to schedule your appointment at 954-476-0770.

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