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Do You Need To Extract Your Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth can come with a host of questions and concerns. Many people have theirs extracted each year, preventing a multitude of future teeth issues before they occur. If you are concerned about what problems these additional teeth can have on your health then you came to the right place. Here are some answers.

What are wisdom teeth?

Technically called the “third molars”, wisdom teeth are your last set of teeth that grow in the back of the mouth, usually by the age of 25. Most scientists agree that third molars were necessary hundreds of years ago when the human diet required them to break down raw food. As our diet have changed to more refined and softer foods human jaws have actually gotten smaller. This has made the third molars troublesome for most and can cause the teeth to crowd in the front. In order to prevent future dental problems, many times wisdom teeth are removed once they grow in. Sometimes they won’t grow in, they are called impacted, and might be removed due to possible complications in the future.

Are they always troublesome?

The third molars are only removed if there are causes for concern. Sometimes they produce discomfort when opening and closing the jaw. Even if the teeth are only slightly “off” when the mouth opens and closes problems can arise. Food can become lodged in your teeth and they can be difficult to clean. This can cause premature tooth decay and even gum infections. This is why they are often removed as a precaution.

What Should I Look For?

If your jaw is hard to open and close or if doing so causes you any sort of discomfort then you should consult a periodontist/oral surgeon about possible removal. If your teeth do not “feel quite right” then this could mean problems developing in the future. Do not hesitate to be preemptive as it could prevent major problems later on. If the gums surrounding the third molars are puffy, with pus or exudation could be a sign that they need to be extracted.

Other Times That Call for Removal

If your third molars do not completely emerge from the gum then this can cause several of the problems indicated above. While these will not occur immediately, it is important to take the preemptive steps of extracting the teeth as soon as possible.

Is Extraction Painful?

Extraction certainly will cause some temporary discomfort, this is very short-lived and reduced by modern anesthesia and post operative medication.

What About Recovery?

There will be a short period of recovery of about 3-5 days post wisdom tooth removal. During this time, you will be limited to soft foods and liquids and you may experience some jaw discomfort. You will most likely be prescribed a mild prescription pain killer that you may feel the need to take in the first day or two post-operation. Many people feel that an over the counter pain reliever works just fine. Within 7-10 days after your surgery you should be back at full throttle.

If you have any more questions about the reason for wisdom tooth removal or if yours need to be removed, contact our periodontist today. The periodontist at the Implantation Dental Center in Plantation, Florida can make sure that all of your questions and concerns are answered. Call our office at 954-476-0770 to set up an obligation-free consultation. You can also visit our website, which has many answers to common questions.

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