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How much of an impact does your smile have on your life?

How much of an impact does your smile have on your life?  Teeth are much more than just something you use for eating. You use your teeth to talk and smile, so it makes sense that something this significant is important to your health and quality of life.  Not taking care of your teeth, will have a negative impact on your life.


There are many crucial ways that your health and mood are affected by your teeth.


Gum disease: Brushing and flossing every day helps prevent cavities, but the same destructive bacteria that causes tooth decay could also irritate your gums and cause gingivitis. If gingivitis goes without treatment, the bacteria can infect the gums. Infected gums, gingivitis or periodontitis, is a more severe form of gum disease. Periodontitis makes your gums tender and sometimes bleed, and ultimately cause bone loss and tooth loss.


Endocarditis: This is a dire condition where bacteria infects the inner lining and valves of your heart, which can lead to strokes, damage to your organs, the infection spreading, to other areas of the body, and potentially heart attacks. Endocarditis can arise in several ways, but a bacterial infection in your gums can get into the bloodstream and eventually make its way inside your heart.


Heart disease: Studies have shown that if bacteria has been left alone in your mouth for an extended period, it can cause heart disease, strokes, and clogging of the arteries.


Malnutrition: If it hurts to chew, or if some of your teeth are missing, eating healthy, nutritious foods can be challenging. Healthy foods like carrots and other crunchy vegetables require chewing power, something not easy to do if it hurts when you bite down. Not to mention the possibility of your teeth becoming too sensitive to things like ice cream and coffee.


Diabetes mellitus: More and more studies show a correlation between type 2 diabetes and poor dental health.  When your teeth are in pain, you may be forced to eat soft foods that are full of carbohydrates and sugars which can raise your blood sugar and put you at more of a risk of acquiring diabetes.


Low self-esteem: Having a smile you don’t like and fearing how people react to a dull, unpleasant smile can exhaust your self-esteem and confidence, making it more difficult to enjoy yourself in social situations or when meeting new people.


Luckily, there are many treatments available that will help with any of these problems. For example, dental implants replace missing teeth, scaling and root planning manage gum disease, and cosmetic dentistry can make your smile beautiful again.


Having good oral hygiene and going to the dentist for cleanings and checkups on a regular basis is a must. If you find yourself concerned about how your smile looks then it is time to do something about it.


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