If Teeth are so strong; Why do they break?

It’s true: teeth are the strongest structures in the human body, thanks to enamel, a mineral layer that encases the crown of the tooth. Even with this strong armor, teeth are still susceptible to breaking.

Here are some reasons why teeth break:

Decay – Consuming foods and drinks high in sugar in combination with plaque build-up will lead to cavities. When we consume sugar, an acid is formed and over time will cause the tooth enamel to soften a spread to the dentine underneath the tooth developing a hole. We can reduce the risk of decay by limiting the amount of sugary and foods and drinks we have, especially as snacks in between our meals. Having excellent oral hygiene helps prevent tooth breakage and making regular appointments to visit your dentist for cleanings and checkups. You can strengthen enamel, with a fluoride mouthwash.

Trauma – teeth can easily break from something as simple as biting into something hard like ice or a stray olive pit. If you play any contact sports or participate in any other vigorous recreational activities, wear a mouthguard to prevent injury.

Tooth wear

Nocturnal Bruxism or nighttime grinding of the teeth can also lead to weakened enamel possible resulting in a tooth fracture. Stress and anxiety, certain drugs, and sleep apnea all can contribute to teeth grinding. Your dentist can offer solutions on how to grinding your teeth and might prescribe a nightguard.

Erosion – Acids from foods and drinks, or acid reflux, can thin the enamel. Citrus fruits and foods pickled in vinegar, fruit juices, sports drinks, and wine can all thin the enamel. The frequency of intake rather than total consumption of acidic food or drinks is the most significant risk factor contributing to dental erosion. Minimizing the exposure to acid will help maintain enamel, reducing the risk of tooth fracture. If reflux is a problem, tell your doctor, and he or she will be able to provide appropriate advice on how to help with this issue.

Ultimately, once tooth enamel diminishes, the damage is irreversible. So, to maintain a healthy smile for life, visit your dentist regularly, eat a healthy diet and practice optimal home dental hygiene and care.

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