Can I Get Dental Implants If…

Are you wondering if you are a candidate for dental implants? Dental implants can change your smile, boost your confidence, and solve common dental issues.

Here are a few frequently asked questions:

At what age am I no longer eligible for dental implants?

There is no cutoff age for dental implants, but there are certain requirements that have to be met. Older patients are eligible as long as they have sufficient bone structure to support a dental implant.

Can I dental implants if I have crowded teeth?

In cases where someone has crowded teeth, but still wants to receive dental implants, they may need to undergo orthodontic treatment first. This can create the space needed to have the dental implants properly placed with sufficient support.

Can I get implants if I have an underbite or overbite?

Often, it’s best to correct the underbite or overbite before getting implants. But there is nothing stopping you from getting dental implants with an improperly aligned bite.

If I have crooked teeth, can I have dental implants?

In this case, you need to begin with orthodontic treatment. Once this treatment is almost complete, the dental implant can be placed.

Will dental implants help missing teeth?

Dental implants were designed to replace missing teeth. Regardless of whether you are missing just one or several teeth due to age, infection, or damage, dental implants can replace those teeth. With the help of an implant post secured to your jawbone, the replacement tooth can have the same support from the jaw as your natural teeth.

Are dental implants the right fit for gum disease?

If you have gum disease, dental implants are not the right fit for you. Instead, you should go through the entire gum disease treatment first. It’s really important to have healthy gums before beginning the dental implant process. The success rate of the procedure is decreased by any existing infections. This also can complicate recovery.

If I have cavities am I a candidate for dental implants?

Once your cavities are treated, you can consider dental implants. Your teeth have to be healthy and free from tooth decay before dental implants can be used.

My teeth fell out a long time ago, am I a candidate for dental implants

If you have dentures, you may have experienced difficulty with them. Between having to clean them on a regular basis to worrying about the dentures slipping out accidentally. But, dental implants are a simple solution to this problem.

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