Plantation, Florida Dental Implant Specialist Dr. Mauricio Hervas

A new design on dental implants

Traditionally, using a flat-top implant in sloped ridges means choosing between buccal and lingual marginal bone preservation, and aesthetics. At Implantation Dental Center, we have an exciting new dental implant to share with you. With the innovation of this new type of dental implant, you can move to the next level of implant therapy and achieve greater efficiency – without compromise.

It is time to challenge conventional thinking.

Today’s implants:

  • Maximize existing hard and soft tissue: Providing 360 bone preservation while maintaining soft tissue aesthetics
  • Reduce the need for augmentation: Saving time and costs by reducing the need to augment and manipulate the implant site
  • Increase case acceptance: helping to address patient concerns regarding pain and treatment time.

At our practice, we pride ourselves in always using leading technology when it comes to dental procedure. It is important to know the advances made by the dental industry, so our patients always get the very best. This new type of profile implant is manufactured by Dentsply Sirona. It is a dental implant with a new design that adapts to the anatomy of the remaining bone.

As teeth are lost, bone reabsorbs and remodels to a slope shape that requires bone graft procedures, so the conventional implant is completely surrounded by bone

When a patient needs a dental implant the bone surrounding the implant side is not usually flat. With the new Astra Tech profile EV implants there is a slanted top that follows the natural contour of the patient’s bone. This allows for a much more aesthetically natural result. It maximizes hard and soft tissue and reduces the need of bone grafting. We’re very excited to offer this new implant to our patients, and invite you to come in for a consultation to determine candidacy! Call us at 954-476-0770 today.

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