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Anxious or nervous at the dentist’s office?

Body and mind are connected through relaxation, this helps to reduce the effects of stress. It is very common to hear that many people have a least some degree on anxiety about visits to the dentist. Some feel fear. People avoid going to the dentist for years, even if they even with a broken tooth, a periodontal infection, or just for a regular cleaning. Their dental phobia can be very intense, even when they have no reason for feeling this way.

At Implantation Dental Center, we’re here to make dentistry easy for our patients. We’ll discuss the procedures with you, showing you that many are not painful at all. In addition, that feeling of fear can be treated. Emotional stress can make dental visits more uncomfortable than they really need to be.

There are different reasons why people develop a dental anxiety or fear of dentistry. It could be due to a negative past experience, pain anticipation, or embarrassment of how bad your mouth could be.

Treating Dental Fear and Anxiety

The trick is to visit the right dentist – a specialist who can handle your dental needs with care for the rest of your life. You’ll need to have good communication between you and your dentist. It is very important for you not only to discuss your treatment plan before it is performed, you must understand every single step of it. This way, you’ll know in advance exactly what you are going to have done, how long you are going to be in the dental chair, and what type of sedation the doctor offers.

As a health care professional, Dr. Hervas is trained to treat patients who have this type of anxiety. He will discuss some comfortable techniques including the use of medication that may make your dental care less stressful.

Some other tips could be focusing on choosing the right time for your dental visit, not to be rushed or under pressure, here are some of the listed:

  • If the dental procedure to be performed includes surgery you might want to take one or two days to help you recover, having a relaxed time at home.
  • During the procedure, if you feel uncomfortable you can always give the doctor a sign to ease off or stop at all.
  • Avoid having high level of sugar before a dental procedure, caffeine or energizers, try to do the opposite that will produce a calming effect.
  • If the sound of the drill bothers you, you can always bring earphones with your favorite music, and listen during the whole procedure.
  • Do not forget to mention to your dentist how you feel, if you are tense or nervous. If you express the way you feel, your dentist will adapt the treatment for you to feel comfortable.

If you look for our Google reviews (search for Implantation Dental Center), it may help to read what some of our happy patients have had to say. Knowing they have had a positive experience can ease your concern, and help you look forward to a positive outcome.

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