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Dental Implant Surgery on Diabetic Patients

“I am diabetic and I need a fixed permanent teeth, a bridge, a single tooth or multiple teeth dental implants, can I still have a procedure like that under my health circumstances?”

Yes, you can! At Implantation Dental Center we can give you the opportunity to enjoy not only a new and beautiful smile, but also the opportunity to treat your dental need. We’ll assist you to enjoy life, eating what your diabetes level allows you to. Of course always keeping in mind that your doctor-prescribed medication will remain the same.

If your diabetes is medically properly controlled,  and you follow your daily sugar levels, you are likely a candidate for dental implants. You don’t have to stop taking your medicine, although your dentist may need a clearance letter from your primary doctor. Besides your diabetic medicine, we will prescribe you antibiotic to prevent the risk of an infection. You’ll also receive a prescription for pain killers and a mouth rinse.

There is nothing to worry about if you follow every single post operative instruction.

Are there any complications? Or risks?

It is also important to mention, that Diabetics are at increased risk for gum disease because of a number of factors. First, diabetes impacts blood vessels, reducing the supply of blood and nutrients to the gums and making it harder for your gums to fight infections. Diabetes can also lead to more bone loss as a result of gum disease.

Saliva it is very important also, somebody with Diabetes can also lead to have a decreased level of saliva. It is not only that saliva just keep your mouth moist, it’s your natural antibacterial rinse. With less saliva, bacteria accumulates and can damage the gums. If the saliva in your mouth is reduced, your mouth is more vulnerable to more infections. If you have a denture you could get sore spots and be develop minor infections more frequently.

Is there something I can dol to protect myself from any Complications?

Well… If you make sure that your blood sugar levels are under control you could have the same denture success rate as a non-diabetic patient. It is also very important, that your prosthodontist get properly fitting dentures for you as a diabetic patient. With increased risk that denture sores are going to be infected or cause the gums to recede, it’s important to minimize irritation and other problems with poorly fitting dentures. When dentures stop fitting properly, get them relined or replaced.

Please be aware that you have to take extra care of your dentures. If you have a daily and better cleaning routine, it will lead to a great result with minimal risk of infection.

Dr. Hervas at Implantation Dental Center will closely monitor the condition of your mouth and dentures, it is very important for you to come to your follow up appointments, that way we can keep a close review in case we notice symptoms of gum disease or infections, like swelling, bleeding gums, bad breath or a burning sensation in your mouth. In that case Dr. Hervas will check if its necessary to prescribe artificial saliva to help keep your mouth moist and healthy.

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