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Missing a Tooth, You Need to Replace It

Replacing a missing tooth has physiological and oral health benefits. With a missing tooth, bone underneath the jaw will start not to work as it should, causing strain and affecting your appearance.

Here’s what can happen if you do not replace a missing tooth:

  • You can eventually damage your joint with multiple missing teeth and not restoring your bite. When the gap from the missing tooth becomes greater, it results in the mouth becoming distorted which could dislocate your jaw.
  • Other health issues can form such as diabetes, changes in your nutritional intake, obesity, and gum disease. You are not chewing properly.


The conventional methods of tooth replacements are:

Dental Implants:

Dental implants replace the tooth’s roots. Dental implants look and feel like natural making it nearly impossible for someone to identify it as a false tooth.

Unlike dentures which are removable, dental implants are permanent fixtures in the mouth. An artificial tooth is fixed directly on the bone. The metal part acts as the root of the teeth and attaches the artificial tooth. The crown, a tooth-shaped cap, is placed on the tooth to protect its shape size and strength. As the implants are inserted into the bone, it prevents further weakening of the bone, therefore preventing further dental damage. Usually, the crown is made of ceramic, which will be further attached to a metal and is cemented inside. It is the most desired teeth replacement option, giving a permanent solution to a missing tooth.


Bridges are prosthetic devices. They are an excellent tooth replacement option when there is a healthy tooth on either side of the missing tooth, providing natural looking teeth. In this method, one or two teeth can be easily replaced depending on the strength of the adjacent gums. Metals like gold alloy, porcelain or a combination of metals can be used.


Dentures are artificial gums and teeth which replace the missing tooth or teeth. Dentures are designed and custom made to fit you and can be made out of porcelain, resin or plastic. The dentures can be either full dentures or partial dentures, depending upon the tooth that needs to be replaced. Complete dentures replace the whole tooth, and partial dentures are used only to fix the few missing teeth.

Implantation Dental Center provides advanced prosthodontics and periodontal services, including state of the art dental implant placement, single implant crown, implant supported denture and bone and soft tissue regeneration. Everyone deserves to have good oral health and a great smile. Call Implantation Dental Center today at 954-476-0770 and find out how we can help you improve your quality of life one healthy tooth at a time.

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