Preparing for a Tooth Extraction

Are you getting a tooth pulled? Here is some information that can help you prepare for tooth removal.

X-rays of the area are taken by your dentist or specialist to form a plan on the best way to remove the tooth.

A panoramic X-ray may be taken if you are having wisdom teeth removed. This picture shows all of your teeth at once, revealing many helpful to guidelines to aid in the extraction including:

  • Your wisdom teeth’s location in relation to your other teeth.
  • Your sinuses relationship to your upper teeth.
  • The lower teeth’s relationship to the inferior alveolar nerve — the nerve in the jawbone that gives feeling to your lower jaw, lower teeth, lower lip, and chin.
  • Any present tumors, infections, or bone disease.


Depending on the doctor, sometimes antibiotics are prescribed before and after surgery.  Antibiotics are likely to be in the case of:


  • Infection at the time of surgery
  • A weakened immune system.
  • You will have a long surgery.
  • You have specific medical conditions.


If you feel that you are coming down with a cold or flu up to a week prior to the surgery, be sure to tell your doctor as they may want to postpone until you are feeling better. Likewise, if you had nausea and vomiting the night before the procedure, call your doctor first thing in the morning.


Avoid smoking on the day of surgery. Smoking increases the risk of a painful problem called dry socket. After the extraction, you will be given post-surgery instructions. It is imperative that you follow them.

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