Choosing a Prosthodontist: Credentials and More

Prosthodontists requires specialized knowledge and experience that goes beyond general dentistry. Whether your procedure involves a single tooth or a whole mouth restoration, you need to know that the prosthodontist you choose has the credentials to earn your trust. Now that you are ready to begin the process of restoring your oral health, you can use this guide to find the right prosthodontist and make other critical decisions that help you feel your best about the procedure.


Check for Board Certification

This credential is one of the most important to look for when you choose a prosthodontist. To become board certified, a prosthodontist must pass a written and oral exam that demonstrates their mastery of the knowledge and abilities that are required to perform the procedures involved with your rehabilitation. Keep in mind that these examinations are only available to prospective prosthodontist after they have already completed a rigorous course of study that includes obtaining a DDS or DMD following an undergraduate degree.


Inquire About Their Experience

By the time a highly qualified prosthodontist opens their practice, they should already have years of experience under their belt. This means that you should look for other signs that a prosthodontist has gone above and beyond the requirements to become certified. For instance, Dr. Hervas completed a postdoctoral training and one year fellowship at the Implant Clinic at The Ohio State University, and he has such a high level of expertise that he gives lectures regarding dental implants to students at the pre and post-doctoral levels. He served as the Program Director at Nova Southeastern University for over 10 years.


Get a Feel of the Office

Today, you can find out more about a dental center by looking for reviews and testimonials online. As you do, remember that the majority of the reviews should be from satisfied customers, but it is also common to run across a few negative comments. What you want to look for is a consistently high regard for the prosthodontist at the clinic. You can also schedule a consultation to help you get a general feel of the office. Ideally, you should note confidence among the staff and feel a good rapport with the specialist.


Find Out About Financing

Naturally, you will also want to make sure that you can afford your treatment. We believe that your health is too big of a sacrifice to make when it comes to choosing a specialist, and cost should never be the only factor that influences your decision. For this reason, you can find multiple financing options available at our clinic to help you afford your treatment even if your insurance does not cover all or part of the cost.


At Implantation Dental Center, each member of our team has strong credentials that allow you to feel confident with your decision. Reach out to us at 954-476-0770 with any questions that you have about our experience or your need for additional financing.

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