6 Common Causes of Tooth Pain

Any kind of tooth pain can be alarming and uncomfortable. Going to the dentist is not something that most people enjoy, but it can be challenging for them to find the source of pain themselves.

Tooth pain can mean different things. It’s best to go to the dentist and have the problem addressed before it impacts your ability to eat, overall comfort level, and potentially leads to future issues.

Here are the most common causes of tooth pain, their causes, and how to prevent and fix them:

1. Gum Disease

Gum disease can occur when food gets stuck in the gums and bacteria causes infection. This can happen because of improper dental hygiene, skipping regular cleanings, or missing teeth. Gum disease needs to be addressed and treated as soon as possible. If it’s not treated, it can lead to bone deterioration causing mobility of the teeth.

2. Misaligned Teeth

Are your teeth misaligned? This could be the source of your pain. Whether this is from a gap in your teeth or a natural shift, having it addressed by a dental professional can fix the problem and ease your pain before it causes further complications.

3. Improper Brushing or Flossing

Taking care of your teeth is so important. Without properly brushing and flossing your teeth you can get cavities and even gum disease. Cavities lead to tooth decay and other painful problems.

Regular cleanings and checkups with your dentist, combined with proper care at home, can help prevent cavities and other problems.

4. Grinding Your Teeth

Grinding your teeth at night or when your anxious can lead to serious pain. This can even wear down teeth which can lead to other problems.

Awareness of this habit can help you stop it. This could mean wearing a mouth card while you sleep or reducing stress.

5. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can be extremely problematic. It’s most often caused by excess of sugars and not properly caring for your teeth.

6. Temperature Sensitivity

Are you experiencing pain when you drink hot coffee or eat cold ice cream? Temperature sensitivity can be indicative of a bigger problem. Having your teeth checked by your dentist can tell you whether the problem would be solved by switching your tooth paste or if you have a cavity.

Are you experiencing tooth pain? If so, you shouldn’t let it go without treatment. Tooth pain can lead to further complications, so it’s better to address it sooner than later.

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