Digital Dentistry is Making Visits to Your Prosthodontist Faster and More Effective

Technology is everywhere. Advancements in technology from machine learning to artificial intelligence to big data are everywhere. Changing technology affects all industries making work, shopping, and even healthcare more easier. From smart watches that monitor your heart rate and remind you to breathe, to devices that can read off your grocery list and order pizza, the world is changing.

These changes have reached the dental industry. Changes in the way implants, crowns, and veneers are restored allow for fewer trips to the prosthodontist and eliminate the need for temporary solutions. Technology is allowing these devices to be adjusted in a matter of hours instead of days. Changes like this are revolutionary for efficiency and patient care. This movement is called “digital dentistry”.

You may be skeptical of these new advancements. How can the same quality device be produced in hours instead of days? How can prosthodontists know that the device will fit without taking impressions?

Interestingly enough, digital dentistry technology creates more accurate, better fitting devices in a short amount of time. With a simple digital wand that reads the structure of the surrounding area in the mouth from the shape of the missing tooth, the surrounding teeth, and other key factors, the information can be uploaded to into the computer. Computer assisted design and manufacturing technology have reached the dental industry.

Impressions, while they have been in use for years, cannot mimic the accuracy or speed of this new smart technology. These digital scans are uploaded into a computer which them into images that technicians can adjust within the computer software. This ensures total accuracy, quality, and proper fit.

Then, these devices can be printed be a small manufacturing plant within the office instead of being sent out to a manufacturer. This cuts down on time and allows the office to have more control over the final product.

Imagine an end-to-end solution for your prosthodontics device? This technology is revolutionary and while it’s not widespread right now, it’s coming to more prosthodontist offices soon.

Are you interested in learning about prosthodontics? If you want to discuss the new technology, find the right solution, or have your gums and teeth examined, contact our office. Our expert prosthodontist, Dr. Hervas, can walk you through the process of maintaining your oral health and ensuring that all of your issues are treated properly.

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