Smiling Can Improve Your Overall Health

It’s no secret that smiling makes you happier, but how does it affect your overall well-being? Smiling releases chemicals, endorphins, that not only make you feel happier but also improve your health.

The effect of the endorphins is similar to exercise. It boosts your mood, gives you more energy, and makes you happier.

Smiling also improves your relationships and social life. Simply smiling makes you appear more approachable and competent. As a result, people want to spend more time with you because by extension your smile makes them smile as well.

The health benefits of smiling are the most important and surprising findings of the studies on the effects of smiling.

The physical benefits of smiling actually increase your lifespan by encouraging better heart health. Less stress and anxiety combined with lower blood pressure reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Here are a few benefits of smiling:

  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced stress
  • Stronger immune system
  • Increased endurance


Now that you know that, how often are you smiling?


This is a simple way to improve your overall quality of life and health, but are your teeth stopping you from smiling?


Insecurity over missing, crooked, or imperfect teeth can might make you reluctant to smile. It could even prevent you from putting yourself in social situations where it might be normal to smile. Inadvertently you could isolate yourself and begin to feel lonely. Loneliness has been proven to have an adverse effect on your health.


If you’re concerned about the way your teeth look, or you’ve been putting off getting missing teeth replaced or other dental issues, you should find a dental professional who can help you.


As prosthodontists, we are equipped to help you with a variety of dental issues. Your key to smiling more could be as simple as finally getting a dental implant that will fill in your smile.


If you’ve been suffering from insecurity or you’re having physical pain from dental issues, don’t wait to address your problems. Not only could a dental procedure fix the appearance of your teeth, but it could also help you ward off infections or gum disease. Missing teeth and neglected dental hygiene leave you vulnerable to bacteria that can cause serious problems.


Are you ready to get your smile back?

Call us today to schedule an appointment to talk about your concerns and visit our website to learn more.

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