What is PRP?

No one enjoys having oral surgery. Often, the recovery process is painful and at times lengthy. This alone could cause patients to prolong necessary surgeries.

To combat this, dental professionals aim to improve their patients experience by reducing healing times and improving the recovery process after procedures. Advanced surgical offices offer PRP, which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. This promotes blood clotting and healing, thereby speeding up the recovery process.

This substance is made of natural growth and healing factors that occur in your body. It’s created with plasma that is rich in platelets. All it takes to create this is a small blood sample.

PRP allows bone and tissue grafts to heal faster because of the high concentration of platelets. This significantly shortens the treatment process by minimizing recovery time.

This can be used in dental implants and bone grafting, repairing bone defects, and repairing fistulas that occur between the sinus cavity and mouth.

In the past this substance was expensive to harvest, but advances in technology has made it more affordable and easier for oral surgeons to create in the office. Today, the process has proven to be simple and cost-effective.

Besides the fact that this allows patients to heal faster, there are a number of benefits to using PRP.

  1. Easy to use

    An experienced specialist who uses PRP for their patients can make the substance in their office. Then, they can use it during the surgery. There’s no need for a lengthened treatment process, because the substance blends with the bone graft material.

    This is even used during outpatient surgery.

  2. Cost-Effective

    PRP is made with the patients own blood. This sample is so small that it can be harvested in the office. There’s no need to go to a hospital or blood bank, which can be expensive. Now, it’s a simple process that saves the patient pain, frustration, and money.

    This method is likely not covered by insurance, but costs are significantly lower than they would be if they were collected from the hospital.

  3. Faster healing

    This is arguably the biggest benefit of using PRP. It allows patients to return to their everyday routine faster after a bone procedure naturally.

    It’s easy and fast to create PRP after the sample is collected from the patient. In just minutes, after the blood is run through a centrifuge machine, the PRP is ready to use.

  4. Safe

    The substance is drawn from the patient just before the procedure. PRP naturally occurs in the body, which allows for a reduced chance of disease transmission and rejection since it comes directly from the patient.

The oral surgery field and dental implantology evolves rapidly. As time passes more and more ways are discovered to improve the patient experience before, during, and after surgery. PRP has proven to be an advancement that has had a positive impact on the oral surgery process.

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