The process involved in getting dental implants

Dental implant insertion is a surgical procedure.

Many nervous patients are apprehensive about getting dental implants inserted. Expert implant dentists perform the implant procedure and give patients with missing teeth long lasting, beautiful and healthy smiles. The procedure is performed for nervous patients under oral sedation and the result of the procedure transforms the life and health of patients. Choosing implants over other restorations used to replace missing teeth is a prudent decision for patients with missing teeth.

A thorough evaluation of the teeth and mouth of the patient is performed by the specialist dentist. First, Dr. Hervas will require X-ray models of the teeth and mouth. The specialist will formulate a treatment plan after the first extensive examination.

It is in the best interest of the patient to visit a prosthodontist office. Dr. Hervas will insert the implant surgically and will also place the crown or fixed dentures over the implants to give the patient a beautiful smile and comfortable bite.

Dental implant surgery is an outpatient procedure that may require several visits to the dentist. The number of visits depends on the specific needs of each individual patient. Some patients may require sedation. The type of sedation used will depend on the level of anxiety of the patient. If the patient has insufficient bone structure or gum tissue to support the implant a gum specialist or periodontist will perform gum grafting, sinus lift or bone grafting procedures.

Once the jawbone and gum tissue is ready for implants to be inserted, the specialist will surgically insert the titanium or zirconium post or implant into the jawbone after making an incision and drilling holes into the jawbone. The surgeon will also place an abutment or extension of the implant if the implant is stable. If the implant is not stable, patients will have to wait till the implant has healed.

Once the jawbone and gums have healed and the implants and abutments are properly placed, a prosthodontist will take molds of the jawbone to make a restoration called the implant retained denture or place a crown on the implant if it is a single implant. The entire process may take a month or several months depending on the needs of each individual patient and the time taken for the jaws and gums to heal at each stage of the implant procedure. In some cases the bone does not combine with the implant. If this happens the dentist will remove the implant and do the procedure again in a few months.

Dr. Hervas and his team consisting of periodontists, prosthodontists have wide experience in performing successful implant procedures for patients at their practice in Plantation, Florida. Contact details of the clinics are available at

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