The importance of a good temporary crown or provisional restoration

Any dental procedure or implantation has the potential to be uncomfortable for the patient. Sometimes the period between the initial consultation visit and the final procedure that results in the dentist placing permanent crowns can span months.

This time period feels especially long for the patient who is experiencing complications and discomfort due to decayed or damaged teeth. Fortunately, there are options to ease that frustration during that time.

Creating custom crowns for patients is an important process. Ensuring that impressions are taken properly and that the crowns will not cause additional complications for the patient takes time.

Temporaries are used as placeholders before the permanent crowns are installed. The reason for this is that some crowns take longer to create and as a result of that delay the patient’s teeth can be impacted by the missing crown.

This time period is often two to three weeks. This may not seem to be a problem, but if the temporaries have poor margins and do not fit properly they are more likely to fall off between visits. They can also cause increased sensitivity which can make the patient more uncomfortable.

Sometimes patients have to wear the temporary crowns for months between their visits. If the temporary crown is not fitted properly the tooth can be subject to increased decay and gums can become inflamed causing gingivitis which leads to other more serious problems.

This also poses a problem when the dentist needs to take the final impressions for the permanent crown. Major changes to the teeth and the margins between the teeth and the gums can disrupt the process. This disruption can delay the completion of the permanent crowns.

Fortunately, this could be easily avoided if extra care is paid to making temporary crowns. A professional, responsible dental office such as Implantation Dental Center will be sure to create temporary crowns that best fit their patients. This helps with healing, makes placing of the future permanent crown easier, and reduces patient discomfort and complications.

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