What does abrasion, erosion and cupping mean?

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Teeth, like bones, can wear down with age and use. The enamel can become perforated or erode due to normal use and wear and tear. This creates a concave erosion on the biting surface of the teeth. The erosion is referred to as cupping.

This results from the perforation of enamel due to use which leads to the erosion of the exposed dentin below the enamel. This then causes a depression in the tooth.

These lesions aren’t always a cause for concern. Some dentists will leave them alone if they do not substantially impact the patient.

There are ways to restore the teeth to a more natural shape. This can be done by placing a small, minimally invasive composite restoration. The restoration helps to prevent further erosion of the lesions which may deepen over time.

The composite acts as an artificial enamel to protect the underlying dentin. This procedure is relatively simple. It can be completed without local anesthesia.

The downside to these is that the fillings are so small that they need to be replaced more often than regular fillings. Still, these are important because they help to preserve the tooth structure and prevent further damage.

If you are concerned about damage or erosion of your teeth, call our office in Plantation, Florida today to schedule an appointment.

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