Picking the Right Shade of White for Your New Smile

For years, you may have had to live with dingy, broken, missing or crooked teeth. Now that you’ve decided to replace them with new partials, dentures or implants, you want your teeth to look great, perhaps movie star great. You’re in the company of everyone else in your position. What is the point of paying so much money to be still unhappy with the way your teeth look?


There will come a time in the replacement process when you and your dentist survey a chart or a case of tooth color samples. The colors run from neon whites down to dingy browns. Your eyes will likely immediately lock onto the top models; the perfect whites that are nearly blue.


Whether you would be happy with those shades or not, depends on a few factors. Maybe the ideal white isn’t right for your face. It’s in your best long-term interest to give careful consideration to your dentist’s advice and perhaps consider a broader range of shades.


Partial Replacements Demand Matching Shades

If you are having partial replacements made, your new teeth will need to match those around them. If the color is a problem for you, ask your dentist which whitening processes he can apply to your teeth. There may be a chance that he can lighten your natural shade. Remember that you will need to have the process repeated. It is a good idea to undergo whitening processes before choosing a final shade for your partial replacements. Be aware that it might mean a very long-term commitment to keep those teeth matching and natural looking.


Dentures and Implants Mean an Entirely New Mouth


When you replace all the teeth in your mouth, it can be an exciting time. Most getting ready for the process suffer for years with teeth they felt compelled to hide. They seldom smiled and often hid their mouth behind their hands. Today, thanks to advanced prosthodontic technology, they will be able to smile widely and speak proudly.


This promise of total dental change is exciting. Most patients imagine what they will look like when they are finally free of a mouth full of broken, cavity-filled teeth. They want absolute perfection. After all, they are paying the bill and should get what they want.

Bring a Friend


A close friend or a relative might be a good addition to your hunt for the perfect shade of white. Be sure they will be honest with you, not just try to please you. Helping with this decision is an important job. When the dentist recommends B4, and your eyes fixate on A2, your friend needs to help break the impasse. Remember that you will live with this choice for a long time.

When You Go Too Far


Dentists understand those wishes. They are, however, committed to helping you choose what you will want in the long run. You may have heard the term ‘Chicklet Teeth.’ The words are not a compliment.


You may have seen those people whose teeth are too large, too perfect, too white. The teeth look just like a piece of Chicklet gum, not like real teeth. At Implantation Dental Center, a dental center in Florida specializing in dental implants and prosthodontics, when Dr. Hervas points a bit further down the tray of samples, he is giving their best advice about which shade will not only look good on you now but in the future, too.


Of course, you are the boss, and your money is paying for those teeth. In any disagreement with the dentist about the look of your new teeth, you will ultimately have the final say about the look of your smile. Take just a moment, though, to think about what Dr. Hervas is advising. He wants you to look your real best nearly as much as you do.

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