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Proper Care of Your Implants or Dentures

Many times, people who receive dentures or implants for the first time make assumptions. They generally think the material is stronger and sturdier than that of natural teeth. They may believe that they will need to scrub them hard with a material somewhat like kitchen cleanser. Some even think their new teeth will remain whiter with periodic applications of chlorine bleach.

Though the beliefs may be familiar, they are anything but accurate. Treating your implants or dentures like a sink will lead you to buy another set much sooner than otherwise.


Treat Them Gently


The straight truth is that the materials, whether acrylic or ceramic, are far more delicate than natural teeth. A person’s real teeth can bite with the force of 200 to 250 pounds. When you bite with dentures, however, that force is only around 25-50 pounds. Always treat dentures, partials and implants more carefully than you did your original teeth.

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Turn Down the Hot Water


Boiling water means clean, right? It’s easier to remove the denture paste with boiling water, right? No, that is incorrect. Boiling water can cause dentures to warp. Warping causes dentures to no longer fit your mouth. Always use tap water to cleanse and soak your dental prosthetics.



Should You Brush or Soak?


You can use regular toothpaste to brush your prosthetic. There are special toothpaste brands made for replacement teeth. There are special soaking solutions that can clean them within a few minutes or overnight. There are wide selections available to suit any taste or preference.


It is crucial for your dental health to give your gums and mouth a rest. Dentists recommend that you keep removable dental prostheses out of your mouth during sleeping hours. Nighttime is a perfect period to soak them. You can clean the teeth and rest your mouth the recommended amount at the same time. If you wish to brush them in the morning, that is just fine.


So, why not both soak and brush? As long as you choose the right products and water temperature, you can’t overclean your dentures.



How to Whiten Older Dentures or Partials


There are products to whiten your dentures at home, but most experts recommend avoiding these. Many of them contain bleach that can weaken the dentures and might tarnish any metal parts.


Whitening toothpaste is a bad idea as well. The abrasive products will scratch your dentures leading to more discoloration in the future.


The most effective and safe route is to call Implantation Dental Center. Within just a few minutes, your dentist can polish the material to remove stains on the surface. Once or twice a year is a usually recommended schedule. Ask your prosthodontist at Implantation Dental Center how he polishes dentures and at what intervals.

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