Dental Implants are Beneficial to Health and Happiness

Dental implants are dental pieces made of titanium or zirconium that are surgically placed into the jawbone of patients to replace missing teeth. They are a permanent solution to missing teeth and ensure that the patient enjoys long term dental and oral health. They are surgically inserted by specialist and are beneficial to the patient’s health and confidence.

Functional Benefits

The main functional benefits of getting dental implants inserted are that they restore the force that a patient uses while biting. Eating and chewing with dental implants is comfortable and the normal oral function of patients is restored. This is because dental implants are anchored into the jawbone and do not move. Titanium and zirconium tooth roots will not decay and patients will not have to worry about cavities Dental implants encourage jaw stimulation and prevent the loss of bone mass. They are a permanent solution to missing teeth. They do not have to be replaced or repaired often. The support adjacent teeth because they are fixed artificial tooth roots and prevent shifting of adjacent teeth. Patients can care for dental implants as they would care for their natural teeth. Brushing and flossing is enough to look after dental implants. The speech of the patient is not impacted. Dentures and other restorations sometimes cause problems in pronouncing some words. Once implants are inserted there is no need to take them out for cleaning like dentures. The comfort of the bite of patients is instantly improved. The long-term health benefits have made getting dental implants inserted a popular option among replacements for missing teeth.

Cosmetic Benefits

The cosmetic benefits of dental implants are that they act as artificial tooth roots and prevent the change in the shape of the face of patients when they lose teeth. They prevent wrinkles and the collapse of facial structure and help patients look younger. Other missing tooth restorations like dentures or bridges can slip and patients feel self-conscious while wearing them or embarrassed when they slip. Dental implants hold surface restorations firmly and do not slip. They match the natural teeth of patients and give them a natural and even smile that lasts a lifetime. Patients can get a new and beautiful smile quickly once dental implants are inserted. A beautiful new smile increases the confidence and self-esteem of a patient and their overall quality of life. Patients also enjoy continued dental and oral comfort because implants unlike bridges or fixed dentures that need a replacement every 10 years last a lifetime.

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