Why You Shouldn’t Sleep Wearing Dentures

Even though dentists always recommend sleeping without dentures, most patients find it hard to follow those instructions. It may be from shyness in front of a bed partner, the perceived ugliness of their face as it crumbles inward from lack of facial support by teeth or the discomfort of joints and muscles.

When It’s Okay to Wear Dentures at Night

The one time, the night after extraction of any remaining natural teeth, the dentist will recommend sleeping with your new dentures. These are called immediate dentures that act that first night as if they are bandages.

Your dentist has probably asked you to return the next day for an examination. He or she will look at your mouth to check for any sores or places that the dentures need correction. The dentist will clean your dentures and make any necessary adjustments. He will then recommend that you sleep without the dentures in your mouth from then on.

The Best Way to Treat Your Dentures Overnight

According to the American College of Prosthodontists, you should take out your dentures before bedtime, clean them thoroughly, then place them in a container with water or a mixture of water and denture cleanser. This routine will help ensure that your dentures last longer, keeping them stain free and eliminating the buildup of bacteria.

Soak Your Dentures and Save Your Mouth

Dentures are hard, and they pressure gums and the bone beneath them. The process is called resorption. If you wear your dentures at night, you will accelerate the loss of volume and density of bone. It doesn’t take long for your dentures to no longer fit the way they did when they were new. When the bone resorbs, there is less support for lips and cheeks, causing dramatic changes in your facial appearance.

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