Natural Contouring: Socket Preservation and Ridge Augmentation

Socket preservation and Ridge augmentation are known as a dental procedures that are performed after a tooth extraction. Ridge augmentations are performed to recreate the contour of the bone and gum allowing them to look natural. The alveolar ridges are rebuilt with different types of tissue.

The benefits of socket preservation and ridge augmentation include improved appearance and enough bone to hold an implant.


The Procedure


Socket preservation procedure involves adding bone graft material to the tooth socket once a tooth is removed. The tooth socket will be thoroughly cleaned before choosing the grafting material. The dental specialist then adds bone onto the socket. Some products that are space-maintaining may also be added to promote new bone growth that can form.


The types of grafting materials that are often used include the patient’s own bone, which is obtained during the same procedure. In some cases, animal tissue or donor may be used. Some dental professionals also use biocompatible synthetic material if there’s a lack of sufficient material present in the mouth of the patient.


Who is a candidate for ridge augmentation?


Those who are in need of dental implants but don’t have enough support with their natural bone are considered to be candidates for ridge augmentation to fortify the bone. Each patient must be in good health and have a strong immune system, as well as good circulation in the body. The dental professional will also need to review the medical history of the patient to determine if the individual is a candidate.


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