When Is It Time to Replace Your Dentures?

Your teeth don’t fit well unless you use quite a lot of denture adhesive. They slip, look dingy. Your dentures don’t fit your face any longer. These are all signs that it’s time to see your prosthodontist about replacing the dentures.

Dentists recommend that you replace dentures after five to ten years. Also, the following will signal a need for a new solution:

  •  If your gums are frequently sore or irritated
  •  When you suddenly discover problems speaking or eating
  •  Earaches, headaches or neck pain become common
  •  If your dentures often fall out or loosen in your mouth
  •  Discoloration or bad odor on dentures

Since the technician fabricated that first set of dentures for you, the art and science of prosthodontics have improved. You may have seen the commercials about dental implants and wonder if they are a viable prospect. Did you know that dentures are now even made with digital printers?

Your prosthodontic dentist is the best place to find the answers to whether you need replacement dentures, a possible switch to implants or to change the materials used. Call Dr. Hervas and associates at Implantation Dental Center at (954) 476 0770. Thank you for trusting us to improve your smile.

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