Pandemic and Dentistry

Pandemic by definition is a spread of a disease across a large region across continents, which in essence is across the whole world. Covid-19 began in Wuhan, China in the late 2019. By today all 50 states in our country reported the novel coronavirus.

This pandemic became a serious health risk due to the easy transmission between individuals. The International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses calls it the “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2” or SARS-CoV-2 because it’s relation to SARS that caused tremendous amount of mortalities in 2003. The World Health Organization (WHO) to avoid confusion with SARS called Covid-19.

One of the main difficulties has been the lack of testing in order to obtain true data that can adequately calculate the spread of the disease. Scientist are desperately looking to find a vaccine in order to create immunity like the influenza or flu we already know.

Dr. Fauci who is the Director at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) and who is overly watched at every White House meeting with President Trump is concerned that if no vaccine is found this novel coronavirus can create a vicious cycle, meaning it can come again in the future once the conditions are ideal. The current medications that are recommended are under trials with promising effects for symptomatic positive patients.

The world of dentistry is watching carefully the mode of transmission and the risk all health care practitioners carry with undiagnosed Covid-19 patients. Why some individuals don’t present indicators or very mild symptoms. The amount of aerosols created in dentistry will potentially become the ideal transmission and risk for dentist, dental assistants, dental hygienist and the entire dental team.

Should the dental team need to test every single patient until the vaccine is ready, and all health practitioners develop immunity? We are very cautious with the scientific evidence that is coming every day and want to provide you with the clearest opinion in the field of dentistry and this pandemic. In the mean time you can review our amazing comments from our patients!. We have a great section on the All-on-4 treatment.

Lockdown and Dentistry

The world has changed by bringing old virtues and philosophies that probably were left well below our box of unthinkable events in our time. I constantly read the phrase “I never thought seeing this in my life”. And probably it is right!

With all the technology we have, advances in medical and dental research, surgical robots, 3D printing and 5G telecommunications, nobody would probably think to be fighting with an invisible enemy. Even though many documentaries alarmed us that it was matter of time.

All this chaos has brought us together, families confined with only one uncertainty, will I get coronavirus? When it come to an end soon? Will my mom and dad get sick? Will all the hospitals have enough ventilators? How can I help? Will all this be done by Easter as president Trump wishes? Which one is the next city after New York and California or Louisiana? Will Florida be the next?

Lockdown gave us tremendous amount of time with our families. Having breakfast, lunch and dinner together. Millennials and new generations (babies) together. Sharing, laughing and playing game like never before. Puzzles, Monopoly, One, Chess, Fortnite, pool time and of course Tic Toc, Facebook and Instagram. Today is our last day for spring break, tomorrow a new concept in learning, all kids will begin receiving virtual classes. I’m sure everybody is familiar with Zoom by now. We have visited family and friends using Zoom these days. An application that let you schedule a meeting around the globe by using and ID and password.

In Dentistry we are flooded with webinars. Every author, dentist, entrepreneur and company has provided information through a live or recorded seminar. Amazing techniques are discussed and confronted with enough scientific literature. Veneers, Dental implants, All on four, All on X techniques, full mouth rehabilitation is on the agenda.

What is Quarantine? Does it help?

Biblical and ancient times describe quarantine as a separation of people to prevent spread of a disease. It originates from the word “quarantena” meaning forty days. We also find “trentine” connotation for thirty days. It is a period of containment to avoid scattering of plagues. Modern examples for quarantine are: yellow fever, cholera, smallpox, 1918 influenza, ebola and now corona virus. The suggested time of seclusion for this new virus is 14 days, so we should refer to “quincena” 15 days. Quarantine and dentistry has impacted many of our patients, as well as society as a whole.

Quarantine brings psychological impacts in the society. Stress, anger, confusion, frustration, boredom, misinformation, lack of supplies, economy depression among others. We all see these outcomes due to the uncertainty of the newly develop corona virus.

The recommended public health guidelines for Covid-19 for traveled associated exposures include self-isolation for 14-days. Check the body temperature twice a day, fever, coughing, shortness of breath, social distancing for about 6-feet. If corona virus is contracted most of the time will present with mild to moderate symptoms and will recover soon. Contact your medical doctor ASAP!

But, if you develop emergency warning signs, you need medical attention immediately. Call 911 (mention you might have Covid-19, wear a mask) or go to the nearest hospital. These signs can be trouble breathing, pain or pressure in the chess, confusion, inability to arouse, bluish lips or face. But don’t relate only to them, if you feel something is wrong, don’t waste time and visit immediately a medical care facility.

President Trump just announced extending social distancing guidelines to April 30th.

Quarantine and Dentistry

In Dentistry we continue to call our patients, provide support, and verify there is no need for emergency treatments. Check there is no pain or discomfort. Veneers, Dental implants, All on fours, All on X techniques, full mouth rehabilitation is on the future and can wait.

Quarantine and dentistry means only emergencies can be seen these days, I just wanted to emphasize if you are having one please contact Dr. Hervas at Implantation Dental Center. He will assist you in identifying the cause of your dental problem and recommend a treatment to alleviate your discomfort. Call us at 954-476-0770 or fill out a contact form on our website at

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